Friday, June 7, 2013

Organization- the bane of my exisistance

I'm not sure why I dread organizing so much since I'm actually decent (once I finally start). The hardest part for me is the pre-organizing purging. I'm always afraid "Hey- maybe I will like that again" or more realistically "In the future this might come in handy". When actually that's only happened once or twice.

Recently viewing YouTube videos on organizing and seeing different organizational pins on Pinterest has motivated me to try again. I was able to get rid of two FULL grocery store size bags from my bathroom closet! I'm also working on re-organizing the kitchen cabinets to make most sense of the space.

Also being attacked is our home office. With three separate areas in our house being purged and re-organized, no wonder my type A husband is so grumpy when he comes home to the mess. Hopefully he believes my promise that soon it will be perfection!

Here are two of my inspirational organization pins. These are two things that I can easily do to make my home seem a little prettier (to make me happy) while being nicely organized (to make my husband happy).


What I love about this image is I already have a plain wooden box that once held a wedding gift that I can paint. The only difference is mine is bigger and I will need to put dividers to organize the cold meds versus band aids. But my point is to look around your house first to see if you can re-use something you already have instead of going out and buying them.

BEAUTIFULLY organized pantry with nicely labeled items. I also adore the stenciled wall and coordinating side wall colors. Click the picture to head over to her blog to see how she did it all!

These are my plans for the next week. How about you? I'd love to hear (and see) what you plan on doing for your abode this summer!

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