Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Paula's Choice

I have been hearing more and more about the brand Paula's Choice and finally had to try it for myself.

I've only made two small purchases so far, but I'm planning on ordering more. 

One of the cool things about this company is you can order samples of the products to try before you buy. They have a pretty awesome guarantee. Along with frequent sales and free shipping offers.

Paula's Choice has tons of face and body products, even some makeup. But I want to share this little gem I found with you.

Brighten Up - 2 minute teeth whitener

It's the size of a slim lipstick. And you apply it just as you would a lipstick but on your clean, dry teeth. There's a slight foaming action and after two minutes you can wipe it off. The formula is even safe to swallow. I accidentally did and nothing terrible happened. Promise.

Best part is, it doesn't irritate my sensitive teeth! Crest white strips I'm looking at you...Ouch!!!
This freshens my breath, whitens my teeth and fits in my purse for those awkward moments you forgot to brush and need to run to the ladies room.

This link will save you 10$ off a 15$ purchase which is a crazy good deal. I'm planning on purchasing full sizes of products in the Resist line. It contains retinal for both wrinkles and acne which sadly I am fighting both. Those samples won me over. 

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