Monday, July 15, 2013

3 Easy Pallet Furniture Ideas

My husband and I are looking into making furniture for our sun room. Ideally we are looking for a sofa-like seating arrangement with a coffee table and a small patio table for outdoor dining. We just moved into our home and our budget is a little tight and pallet furniture is right in our price range. A friend recently dropped off some pallets from his work and it's my job to come up with the design. Here are the images that peeked my interest, and also appear relatively easy...hopefully our final versions wont end up on Pinterest Fail's website. Especially because it's easy to find pallet ideas online- but hard to find any directions!

This L-shaped sofa would fit nicely in the corner of our sun room. I'm imagining bringing my coffee there in the mornings with a book or a magazine and enjoying the breeze. The one change I might make would be to stain the wood instead of paint and maybe cover the fabric in a black and white stripe with some bright pillows.

(can't find the original link for this one)

This dining table made from pallets looks to be easy enough to make. My favorite part about this image is the colorful outdoor chairs to brighten it up. 

Lastly, I found this unbelievable gorgeous coffee table. So pretty  I would consider putting this in my home. Except that I know most pallets are chemically treated which is why I'm only considering these ideas for outdoor furniture. 

I'd love to know if anyone has attempted a pallet project...if you have any advice or to share the links to your final projects in the comments please!

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  1. A pallet sofa is easier to make than you think. When it comes to cutting the foam cushions all it takes is a serrated blade or an electric knife and a little care and time for clean edges!